Cool and refreshing condolences to the hearts of the people, cohesion and drive

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Xinxin Li

Jiaozuo in July has started the high temperature mode of hot summer, and the heat wave is coming. In order to do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling for front-line employees, on the afternoon of July 8, leaders such as Feng Jun, secretary of the general party branch and general manager of China Carbon Company, Zheng Xinglong, deputy general manager, and He Yongkang, chief engineer, led a team to carry out the "Carbon Material Plate Summer Cool" activity, bringing watermelon, herbal tea, isatis root, heatstroke prevention drugs and other materials to employees who stick to their posts under high temperature. Wherever they went, the leaders greeted them cordially, understood the needs, and carefully instructed the employees to pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling, pay attention to the body, and check and understand on the spot.Production of high-temperature jobs andEquipment operation and other conditions, the leadership of the care, greatly enhanced the staff's work motivation.

   With regard to the cool work in the scorching summer, Feng Jun stressed that the vast number of cadres and employees should tighten their safety strings, do a good job in self-protection, conscientiously implement various labor protection regulations in the high temperature season, and pay attention to the impact of high temperature weather on production while doing a good job in preventing heatstroke and cooling down. All units should reasonably adjust the pace of work, scientifically and correctly deal with the problems encountered in production, and act actively, ensure the orderly development of production operations and employee heatstroke prevention and cooling work.


According to statistics, sinceSince the cool-down activity was launched in June, China Carbon Company has distributed a total of 2300 pieces of mineral water, 240 boxes of Huoxiang Zhengqi water and 430 packs of Rendan. This summer cool-down activity has further enhanced employees' sense of happiness, belonging and acquisition towards the enterprise, effectively stimulated employees' enthusiasm and drive for work, and added impetus to production.

Comrades have also expressed that they must transform the company's care into a driving force for work, devote themselves to production, and use practical actions to contribute to the company's high-quality development.