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Job Offers
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  Foreign trade sales salesman

  Skills required:

  Foreign trade, sales, foreign enterprises, English


  1. Export business development;

  2. Export contract performance and business operation, including contract negotiation, application review and signing; Apply for goods preparation and follow up goods preparation and payment collection;

  3. Timely report customers' comments and complaints, track the company's settlement progress, and timely report the results to customers; Good customer pre-sales, sales and after-sales service; Investigate customer information, establish file management.

  4. Good presentation and negotiation skills.

  Job specification:

  1. Major in international trade, English, etc., full-time college degree or above;

  2. Level 6 or above for non-english major, and level 8 for English major (excellent may be relaxed appropriately);

  3. Familiar with international trade knowledge and laws and regulations, proficient in communicating with customers in English, proficient in operating office software and online sales platform;

  4. More than 1 year working in the same position, more than 3 years living or studying abroad experience is preferred, salary is negotiable;

  5, good moral character, integrity and responsibility, correct attitude.

  The sales manager


  1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products, and able to travel on business;

  2. Completed sales tasks according to marketing plans;

  3. Explore new markets, develop new customers, and increase product sales scope;

  4. Responsible for business negotiation, contract signing, contract performance and payment recovery in the sales process;

  5. Managed and maintained customer relations and established long-term strategic cooperation plans.


  1. At least 2 years of sales experience, major in marketing, metallurgy, non-metallic materials, etc., full-time college degree or above;

  2. Working experience in carbon and metallurgy industry is preferred;

  3. Quick reflection, strong expression ability and strong communication ability;

  4. Have a certain ability of market analysis and judgment, and a good sense of customer service;

  5. Strong sense of responsibility, strong ability to work under pressure, good teamwork spirit and good at challenges.

  Process engineer or technician

  Skills required:

  Carbon industry, metallurgical industry, safety and environmental protection, equipment management

  1. Tracking and optimization of production optimization and improvement experiment;

  2. Prepare operation instructions for each production procedure;

  3. Summary and analysis of production monitoring data;

  4. Evaluate and analyze the stability of the production process of each product and prepare the evaluation report;

  5. Formulation and modification of manufacturing process standards, formulation and modification of raw material and product standards;

  6. Filing and document management of technical data.

  7. Safety, environmental protection management and other related work;

  8. Responsible for technical training of relevant personnel.

  Job specification:

  1, carbon, chemical, materials, metallurgy and other related majors should, past graduates of formal colleges or universities;

  2, carbon materials, petroleum coking, chemical or metallurgical industry production, technology or safety and environmental protection work experience is preferred, the treatment can be interviewed.

  3. Identify with the company culture, have a strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork and communication skills, and be modest and practical.


  Skills required:

  Automation, instrument automation, electrical automation

  1. Responsible for the daily maintenance and repair of the company's automation equipment and instruments to ensure the stable operation of each instrument and equipment;

  2. Annual maintenance of automation instruments and equipment of the company;

  3. Responsible for the software and hardware renovation and update of the company's automation instrument and equipment;

  4. Modify the control method of configuration software of the automatic control system according to the process requirements;

  5. Organize regular safety and technical training for automation workers, and strive to improve the technical quality of automation operators;

  Job specification

  1, under the age of 35, excellent conditions, can be relaxed;

  2. Students who graduated from regular colleges or universities or who graduated from colleges or universities in the past have priority in admission;

  3. Identified with the company culture, practical working style, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, strong learning ability and good teamwork spirit.

  The financial accounting

  Skills required:

  Tax treatment, management accounting, cost accounting

  1. Responsible for the company's overall accounting treatment, reasonable setting of accounting books and accounts, and carrying out daily business accounting work;

  2. Declare and pay taxes on time, keep in touch with tax administrators at all times, and master the latest national tax laws and regulations;

  3. Correct accounting, fill in and review accounting vouchers, and register subsidiary and general ledger;

  4. Responsible for checking and clearing the internal and external payments of the company;

  5. Monitored the cashier bank deposit management, checked the bank deposit journal on a monthly basis, carefully checked and cleared the unfulfilled accounts, and prepared the bank deposit reconciliation table;

  6. Timely issue financial statements and internal management statements of the company, including statistics, sorting, summarizing, settlement of production cost data of the company and monthly production cost statements;

  7. Responsible for issuing and accounting of company sales invoices;

  8. Sort, bind and keep all kinds of accounting materials, and implement the system of keeping, receiving and borrowing accounting files;

  9. Other tasks assigned by superior leaders.


  1. College degree or above, major in accounting or financial management, with accounting qualification certificate; Under 35 years old, more than 3 years accounting working experience, familiar with industrial working process is preferred;

  2. Be familiar with financial affairs and tax affairs;

  3. Proficient in the use of yonyou financial software, Eexel forms, Word documents and other office software;

  4. Have good language expression and logical thinking ability, treat others with enthusiasm, and actively study relevant business knowledge. Have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, good professional ethics.

  Office clerk

  Skills required:

  Administration, secretary, clerk, logistics

  1. Responsible for the daily logistics work, such as the receipt, delivery, expediting, filing and filing of administrative documents.

  2. Responsible for the collection, sorting, printing and distribution of company information.

  3. Responsible for documents, meeting arrangements and meeting minutes at all levels, as well as text editing and processing.

  4. Assisted the director of the general manager office in the publicity work of the company.

  5. Strictly abide by the confidentiality of documents and meeting confidentiality requirements, etc.


  1. College degree or above in human resources, secretary, administration, etc.

  2. Under 35 years old, more than one year relevant working experience;

  3. Familiar with OFFICE administration and management knowledge and process, familiar with document writing format, basic business letter writing ability, proficient in OFFICE software such as OFFICE and PPT;

  4, work carefully, a strong sense of responsibility, integrity, with strong written and oral skills.

  5. Party member, experience in party construction is preferred;

  6, with relevant work experience, can be appropriate to relax the age and education requirements.