Entering the carbon material plate to witness the development of enterprises

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Xinxin Li

Into the carbon material plate Witness enterprise development  

organized by the companyEntering the carbon material plate to witness the development of enterprisesActivities, from April 29 to May 3,Lasted five days, cumulative receptionCadresTotal staff and family members 2More than 40People,LetEverybodyfull feelingIt'sThe company's rapid growth, enhancedof the enterprise.Sense of belonging and honor.

Family members of employees participating in this activity,New friends to the company for the first time.Also retired for many years.Company old staff,They either walk into the business with curiosity or revisit their old impressions of the business. During the visit, everyone learned more about it.It'sThe basic situation of Longbai Group and the carbon material plate.The development process,Visited the company's 180000 tons/year calcined coke project, 200000 tons/year lithium ion battery anode material integration project, 100000 tons/year graphite anode project and 50000 tons/year ultra-high power graphite electrode project. After listening to the professional and meticulous explanation, we can see the production site with compact operation, orderly coordination, standard fixed position and smooth logistics, which makes us really feel the rapid development of the company in recent years.

"now earth-shaking changes have really taken place. After coming in, it is not like a carbon factory at all, but more like an office compound. We can rest assured that the children work here." modern and automated production process, full of greenery, neat and orderly production environment, let everyone admire constantly.

"The variety of food in the restaurant is really complete, large and affordable",InStaff ecological wisdom restaurant, everyone personally experienced the intelligent ecological restaurant,The family members of the employees have said that they can feel their working environment and living environment up close, and we are very proud to see the company's development so well.

Through the visit, the family members felt another home of the employees, consolidated the bond between the company and the employees' families, enhanced the family members' understanding and support for the work of the majority of cadres and employees, and also conveyed the company's care and care for the employees and their families. The company and the employees' families work together to help the high-quality development of the enterprise.