Tribute to the most beautiful workers

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Xinxin Li


Tribute to the most beautiful workers

The May Day holiday means reunion and leisure for ordinary people, but for workers in the carbon material sector, it is rooted in the front line of their posts, showing responsibility and responsibility with dedication and persistence.

machining workshop staff qu zhiying said:"Labor Day is a holiday for strugglers. I feel very honored to spend this holiday in production positions". They stick to their posts during the May Day, conscientiously escort each electrode product, and contribute their own strength to the smooth operation of the company's production.

"Line 1 of the pressing workshop has resumed production normally". On the evening of May 1, line 1 of the pressing workshop was in full swing, and the production line began to produce normally. During the holidays, the production was not stopped. The employees devoted themselves to the production of "improving quality and increasing efficiency, reducing costs and saving expenses" with full spirit, ensuring the stable and efficient operation of production during the May Day period.

During the holidays, the company's leadership team led the team to go deep into the production line, actively promote the progress of the project, and supervise the safety, environmental protection, technology, production and other work. general party branch secretary feng jun said:"Relevant leaders of all workshops should jointly discuss and solve on-site management problems, technical problems, equipment problems and other matters, and must ensure the smooth development of all work during Labor Day".

The most beautiful laborers work hard, do their duty, be determined to innovate, and write new struggle stories with sweat and wisdom. This holiday, countless workers in the carbon material plate stick to the front line of their posts, leaving the most moving working time with the figure of struggle.