To help grow with teachers and apprentices to educate talents

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Xinxin Li


Help grow with teacher and apprentice Passing on from generation to generation to educate talents

-Zhongzhou Carbon Phase I Teacher and apprentice Agreement Signing and Teacher Worshipping Ceremony

Teaching and teaching is the master's personal teaching of technical skills, experience, and cultural knowledge to the apprentice. This is not only a way for us to teach traditional skills, but also an effective way to train talents. On April 1, the "Zhongzhou Carbon Phase I Teacher-apprentice Agreement Signing and Teacher-apprentice Ceremony" was held in the training room on the fourth floor of the company ".

At the meeting, Qiao Bo, secretary of the board of directors, read out the implementation methods of the "teacher and apprentice" activity, and introduced in detail the implementation requirements, evaluation system, and the responsibilities and obligations of both masters and apprentices, which pointed out the direction and provided for the smooth development of this activity. Standard. Later, Liu Jinsheng, the representative of the mechanical and electrical workshop, introduced in detail the specific preparations of the workshop for the work of teachers and apprentices.

Subsequently, the representatives of the master and apprentice successively signed the "Master and Apprentice Agreement" and held a ceremony of apprenticeship. The apprentice bowed to the master, offered tea, and saluted the master. What he offered was the sincerity of modestly asking for advice and down-to-earth learning. The master dressed the apprentice, granted tools, and made a promise of knowing everything and saying everything.  

The master spoke on behalf of Zheng Fangfang and the apprentice spoke on behalf of Li Zhuang. Master Zheng Fangfang said that the masters are willing to contribute to the growth of their apprentices. While setting an example in business skills, they will try their best to give their apprentices care in life and help them grow faster and better. On behalf of all the apprentices, Li Zhuang expressed his gratitude to the company and the master. He will earnestly learn from the master with an open mind, live up to the expectations and love of the master, live up to the requirements and training of the company, and contribute to the development of the company.

Finally, the company's executive deputy general manager Huang Si Xin made a concluding speech. Mr. Huang pointed out that master-apprentice pairing is not only a form and an agreement, but also a kind of mutual assistance, bond and inheritance. Under the leadership of the master, the apprentice should improve the ability to perform his duties and realize the coordinated development with the company.

After the ceremony, the apprentices said one after another that they would humbly learn and consult from their masters, sincerely accept their guidance and supervision, and grow up as soon as possible under the leadership of the masters. Master and apprentice pair up, forge friendship, promote growth, inherit ingenuity. I hope all the apprentices and masters will grow up hand in hand and write a new chapter in the development of China Carbon Company!