Concentrate on development, strengthen management and improve quality

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Xinxin Li

we should concentrate our efforts on development,strengthen managementQuality

              -Carbon Material Plate 2023 Quality Improvement Conference

On the morning of March 30, the company organized a 2023 quality improvement conference for carbon materials in the report hall of Longbai School of Management. The company's leadership team, middle-level cadres, quality control department, technology department and other relevant personnel attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Huang Sixin, executive deputy general manager of the company.

At the meeting, company leaders Huang Sixin, He Yongkang and Zheng Xinglong made a clear and profound analysis and summary of the market situation, the quality management of electrode products and negative electrode products respectively. Representatives of functional departments and workshops made statements on improving product quality.

Feng Jun, secretary of the general party branch of the company, pointed out: quality is the life of an enterprise and the guarantee for its survival, and specifically put forward six work requirements. The first is to enhance the sense of quality crisis and improve product competitiveness; the second is to promote total quality management and carry out talent echelon construction; the third is to implement lean management to create the focus of the company's competitiveness; the fourth is to focus on the economic development situation and formulate business management strategies; The fifth is to actively carry out the general mobilization of quality improvement and quickly create a new atmosphere for quality improvement; the sixth is to abide by integrity and self-discipline and keep the bottom line of quality.


Finally, Han Jianhua, chairman of the company, made an important speech, emphasizing that system construction is the framework, talent team is the foundation, and put forward seven guiding opinions. First, in the face of the severe market economy situation, we must always keep a clear mind; second, we must fully realize that quality is the soul of products and the lifeline of enterprises; third, we should take the establishment and improvement of quality management system as the starting point, and the responsibility lies with people; fourth, we should strictly assess the system, deal with violations of the system, punish those who fail to implement them, and expose typical quality incidents; Fifth, improve the professional quality of managers, establish a professional and efficient quality management team; the sixth is to establish that stable quality is the core position of quality management; the seventh is to bring benefits to the enterprise through persistent quality management work, and truly achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.
If you don't take too many steps, you won't reach thousands of miles. The convening of this quality improvement conference has clarified the future development tasks, made specific arrangements for product quality management, and firmly established the awareness of "quality first", and focused on strengthening quality supply, consolidating quality foundation, and improving quality control., Do a good job in improving the company's product quality management, and keep the lifeline of the company's survival and development, with the overall improvement of the quality level to help enterprises high-quality development of the line steady.