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Xinxin Li

---- Zhongzhou Carbon Fire Emergency Exercise in the First Quarter of 2023

In order to strengthen the company's personnel to master the knowledge of fire emergency, test the practicality and operability of fire emergency plans, and improve the generalCadres and employeesRight.Fire, etc.Emergency response capacity for emergencies.At 3: 00 p.m. on March 15, the company organized a fire emergency drill in the first quarter of 2023 in the finished product warehouse of the new calcination workshop.

"All emergency teams of the company should pay attention to the fire in the new calcination workshop, which is on the trend of expansion. I announce the start of the company's secondary emergency response, and now order all emergency teams to bring rescue supplies to the command center immediately". With the rapid fire alarm,Each emergency rescueSmallgroup quicklyRespond and rush to the command center.


"Report to the commander-in-chief, all the personnel of the alert evacuation team are in place, please instruct".

"Report to the commander-in-chief, the logistics support team is all in place, please instruct".


With the sound of reporting, all members of the emergency team assembled in three minutes. Huang Sixin, executive deputy general manager and emergency commander of the company, immediately issued the following tasks:

"Two groups of alert and evacuation groups are assigned to alert and evacuate the fire scene".


All emergency teams receiveddivision of laborAfter indicationQuicklyrushed to the scene,Put into emergency rescueIn Work, in the face of the fire, not disorderly, orderlyInitial fire extinguishing, deploymentOn-site alert, safe evacuation,HelpWounded evacuation, material transferWait for work,Cooperate with Group Fire Brigaderapid fire extinguishing.


With the report of the medical aid team:"The logistics support team has arranged for personnelWounded to hospitalproceedTreatmentTreatment", the drill is coming to an end,The entire drill site was in good order,Diachronic20 minutes the fire was successfully extinguished.


    Through this fire emergency drill, employees are familiar with and master the emergency rescue process, improve the ability to correctly use all kinds of fire safety facilities and equipment, and improve the command and handling ability of various departments to deal with emergencies. at the same time, it also makes the awareness of fire safety deeply rooted in the hearts of the people., makeExercise to achieve the desired effect, for the future efficient and orderly, ScienceCarry outofWork safety laid the foundation.