Happy Garden Celebration Lantern Festival

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Xinxin Li

At 8:30 a.m. on February 4 (the 14th day of the first month of the lunar calendar), as the "Lantern Festival" is approaching, the group company's 2023 Lantern Festival garden tour will be held in the sports ground of Longbai Institute of Management. China Carbon Company responded positively, carefully prepared and organized 35 employee representatives to participate in lantern riddles, lanterns, dancing lanterns, invincible hot wheels, concentric drums and other projects.
At the scene of the lantern riddle guessing activity, a series of red lanterns were hung high, and the riddles were lined up one by one. The staff participating in the activity were jubilant, and everyone was in high spirits, either thinking seriously or discussing enthusiastically. The scene was full of laughter and excitement. The traditional folk activities make lanterns, which are very popular with female workers. They are carefully made according to the production steps. While exchanging their experiences, they discuss the Lantern Festival in their childhood impression. The laughter and laughter are filled with a strong festive atmosphere.
The team competition is concentric with the drum, relying on the ability of teamwork and cooperation. Ten players each hold the two ends of a set of ropes, allowing the volleyball to jump up and down on the drum surface, and feel the power of teamwork in the laughter and laughter. With the unity and cooperation of everyone, The representative team of China Carbon Company won the crown with the highest score of 36 times.
     During the individual competition and the Lantern Festival, all kinds of jokes appeared frequently, pushing the atmosphere of the scene to a climax. The lively scene added a strong festive atmosphere to the traditional festival. In the end, the team of China Carbon Company won the first place in five groups.