In the Spring Festival, I depict the most beautiful "professional happiness"

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Xinxin Li

"The sound of firecrackers is one year old, and the spring breeze warms Tu Su." During the Spring Festival, in the strong flavor of the year, the vast number of cadres and employees of the company stick to their posts, give up their small families to take care of everyone, and make every effort to ensure the steady progress of production and operation. With practical actions, it explains "I am on duty in the Spring Festival, and my dedication is the most complete!" In 2023, the company's high-quality development of the "head gun", and strive to achieve a "good start".

       During the Spring Festival, under the leadership of the company's leadership team, we will follow the progress as planned to ensure that the production and operation, safety and environmental protection, equipment operation, labor discipline, civilized production and other work of each unit are in place, and the company has achieved stable, safe and efficient operation. The vast number of cadres and employees are full of power, "working hard for the New Year", and the busy production site adds a hot atmosphere to the New Year. They use their perseverance to interpret their responsibilities, watch the company's lights with actions, and promote the stable operation of the company's production and operation with high standards and high quality.


Efficient operation of each workshop

Different New Year, the same enthusiasm, they use persistence and dedication to interpret responsibility and responsibility, and become a beautiful landscape of the New Year. In the critical year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", Zhongtan people will continue to write the most beautiful "dedication" with responsibility, and create new glories of development with pragmatism and efficiency!