Quality Improvement, Efficiency Improvement, Innovation, Development, Gathering Strength, Win-Win and Regain Peak Zhongzhou Carbon 2022 Summary and Commendation Conference

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At the end of the year, the vast number of cadres and employees of Zhongzhou Carbon ushered in the annual summary and commendation event. The conference was carried out in the form of "video conference wonderful dinner", with great momentum and colorful highlights. The inspiring annual promotional video, the morale-boosting annual conference and the splendid Chinese charcoal family banquet all left a deep and unforgettable impression on the participants.

In the afternoon, the main venue of the lecture hall of Longbai College was full of seats and a festive celebration. With the shocking opening short film, the Zhongzhou Carbon 2022 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference was grandly held. Zhongzhou Carbon, China Carbon New Materials, Negative Electrode Integration and Yunnan Lufeng have sub-venues. Chairman Han Jianhua, Party General Branch Secretary Feng Jun, Executive Deputy General Manager Huang Sixin and other deputy general managers attended the meeting. Many employees including the main leaders, management backbones, labor models and award-winning representatives of various workshop departments and offices attended the meeting. Joe presides over the meeting.

Chairman Han Jianhua made an important speech

Han Dong analyzed the impact of the epidemic and the current market situation in depth at the meeting. Han Dong said that in the past year, the company's management led all employees to deliver a satisfactory answer for shareholders: the operating results have achieved good historical results, the advantages of the industrial chain have begun to appear, and the industry status has rapidly risen to the second place in China. At the same time, it also pays more than 8000 million yuan in cash dividends and 47.75 million yuan in taxes for shareholders. With respect to the development of enterprises in the "post-epidemic" era in 2023 and for a certain period of time in the future, Han Dong made the following developmental comments:

Management Strategies of Enterprises in Difficult 1. Situation

First, we should practice our internal skills, improve quality and reduce costs. This is not only the requirement of Chairman Xu, but also the normal management of the enterprise. The more difficult the situation is, the more hard it is to practice internal skills. Reduce costs, consolidate the internal competitiveness of products; improve product quality and pass rate, expand external competitiveness; strengthen style construction, leadership to take the lead, and implement on-site detail management; these tasks are the inevitable requirements of business operations under difficult situations.

Second, pay attention to safety and environmental protection. Reduce the rate of minor injuries and the number of accidents; improve the on-site environment of negative integration and fraternity graphitization, create a good working environment for workers and promote decent employment for employees.

Third, do a good job in project construction, transformation and structural adjustment. Focus on the construction of Lufeng post-calcined coke project and No.1 Baked Impregnation Box No.6, which should be accelerated and put into use. Regarding the transformation and development work, following the principle of "soldiers are impermanent and water is impermanent", there is only one goal, that is, the efficiency of the enterprise-how to make money and what to do!

Fourth, do a good job in market development. Hold the bottom line, try every means to do a good job in the market development and sales of negative electrode products. When developing the market, it is necessary to strengthen the strength of the team. The personnel only want to use, not to have, and not to stick to one pattern. At the same time, do a good job in the construction of management, production, supply and sales team.

Fifth, do a good job of compliance procedures, and strive for capital operation in 2023 results.

Chairman Han Jianhua's speech was inspiring and inspiring. It not only affirmed the achievements and clarified the tasks, but also analyzed the situation and emphasized the key points. It pointed out the way forward for the high-quality development of the enterprise in 2023. The wonderful speech won the participants. The applause.

Party General Branch Secretary Feng Jun made an important speech

Secretary Feng said that in 2022, the company has achieved remarkable results in all aspects. The company has transformed its business and entered a stage of comprehensive development. In the future, it is even more necessary to strengthen its confidence in development. As long as we can tap the potential in the subtleties and be good at increasing efficiency within a small margin, a big family will surely embark on a new journey in the three branches of Zhongzhou Carbon, China Carbon New Materials and Negative Integration. Secretary Feng put forward the following requirements for the development in 2023 and in the future:

1. New Year's Request

(1) To have a sense of crisis and anxiety, to prevent risks and challenges;

(2) We should have new ideas, new consciousness and new mentality to transmit positive energy throughout the company. At the same time, we should want to do things, dare to do things and be able to do things;

(3) To change the management thinking and change to a digital, institutionalized, standardized, refined and normalized management model, all tasks must be classified and itemized, combined with past experience and lessons, and implemented one by one;

(4) It is necessary to do a good job in production, especially the comprehensive and coordinated utilization of the production capacity of each process, and make good use of the season to improve product output and quality;

(5) We must continue to strengthen civilized production and reception and inspection work, and continue to make efforts and cannot relax.

2. requirements for company management

The first is to learn to be a leader, the second is to continue to learn and innovate, the third is to learn the economic situation and political policies, the fourth is to effectively improve the execution, the fifth is to be pragmatic, to go deep into the grassroots, the sixth is to strengthen the awareness of integrity and self-discipline, and the seventh is to adhere to civilized production, 10S management, and the eighth is to improve employee welfare and strengthen corporate culture.

Feng Jun, secretary of the general party branch, made a rich speech with detailed data. He not only affirmed the achievements, summed up the experience, faced up to the deficiencies and problems, but also pointed out the goals. He systematically sorted out and summarized the highlights of 2022 from nine aspects, pointed out the shortcomings of 2022 from seven aspects, put forward five requirements for New Year's work, clearly deployed the eight tasks for 2023, with clear goals and effective measures, and once again sounded the clarion the horn of 2023 charge.

(Chairman Han Jian Huawei Model Worker Award)

(Speech by the award-winning representative)

(Each branch venue)

In the carbon take-off to meet the prosperous times, forge ahead to cast the chapter. 2022 coincides with the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and it is also a year for the company to complete the strategic transformation of product structure and achieve leapfrog development. In the new year, under the guidance of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and with the care and support of Party committees and governments at all levels, the majority of Zhongtan employees will conscientiously implement the spirit of Chairman Han Jianhua's important speech and the main production and operation objectives deployed at this meeting, further strengthen the construction of work style and efficient execution, firmly anchor the development goals of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the focus of work in 2023, and overcome difficulties, jointly write a new chapter in the development of carbon material plate!