Production and epidemic prevention with both hands, production capacity verification and efficiency enhancement

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Production and epidemic prevention with both hands Capacity verification and efficiency enhancement


Do a good job in epidemic prevention and control,It is an important prerequisite and basis for economic and social development..To scientifically co-ordinate epidemic prevention and production work,Do it practicallyEpidemic prevention and controlwithsafety production"Both are not wrong",Central Station AreaSpecially openedNucleic acid testing into the enterprise specialaction,Provide strong support and caring services for the development of enterprises at ease.

"Thank you very much to the government for thanking the company. The service is so considerate. Our employees are in the factory.AreaJust do itYesNucleic acid, data mastery is more accurate, the heart is more bottom, but also greatly reduce the delay time!--Workshop workers

"Nucleic acid testing can be done in the factory area, instead of waiting in line at the nucleic acid testing point in the community, which is much more convenient and allows us to finish nucleic acid sampling more quickly."--Agency personnel

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the work of the nucleic acid detection point of the carbon company, after receiving the notice, the safety and environment department responded quickly, carefully arranged, carefully deployed, in accordance with the requirements of the superior epidemic prevention and control policy, combined with the actual situation of the company, set up nucleic acid sampling points in the factory finished product library.
    Before the start of the testing, the company's safety and environment department actively communicated and coordinated with relevant units such as the central station district epidemic prevention office and the central station district people's hospital, closely contacted and cooperated, and transferred party members and cadres and young workers from various departments of the company to form a volunteer working group, and made every effort to do a good job in the publicity and training of matters related to the testing.

Personnel queue in an orderly and standardized manner, and do a good job of personal protection


The sampling team operated in strict accordance with the standard process of epidemic prevention and control from wearing protective clothing to taking off protective clothing, from order maintenance to information entry and sample collection, ensuring the high standard, high quality and high efficiency of the company's nucleic acid self-collection work.

At the sampling site, medical workers are carrying out sampling and testing for employees in an orderly manner, and all processes are carried out in an orderly manner in accordance with relevant regulations on nucleic acid sampling.

According to statistics, since May 4, the company's nucleic acid self-test points have been organized.3 fieldEmployeeSpecial nucleic acid test, cumulatively completedMore than 1400 person-timesNucleic acid detection. Setting up nucleic acid detection points in enterprises will not delay the development of production and operation work of enterprises, but also cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention work at higher levels. It can also effectively avoid personnel-intensive gathering, reduce the risk of cross-infection, fully protect the safety and health of employees, and make enterprises and employees feel warm and at ease.


has been,Zhongzhou Carbon CompanyUnwavering adherence to development goals.One-handed graspProductionGrab one hand.epidemic prevention.Implementation of various epidemic prevention and control measures,Continuously improve the overall planning ability, adaptability and execution ability.Achieving "Two Errors" and "Two Promotions".