Labor to create a better life, struggle to achieve life dream

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Labor to create a better life, struggle to achieve life dream

-- The Second Quarter Portrait of Zhongzhou Carbon Production


In May,The season of flowers, the season of gratitude, the season of labor. After May Day, Zhongzhou Carbon ushered in the second production quarter. InIn the atmosphere of comparison, learning, catching up, helping and surpassing, all employees of Zhongzhou Carbon are striving for perfection in the production line.,Production and Marketing Target of Zhongzhou Carbon CompanyCompletion andTowards a new heightMakeGreatContribution.


Gantry milling for final step finishing of graphite sheet


Machining workshop,Each process is carried out in an orderly manner to provide logistical support for the marketing of Zhongzhou Carbon. After the circulation of each process, the gantry milling and milling vehicle began to process the graphite plate for the last time. The operator controlled the instrument panel and processed the vertical groove of the graphite plate in strict accordance with the specified size.


The operator shall recheck and improve the product.


One pull to deliver raw materialsThe vehicle enters the workshop to unload, and is processed into finished products through layer-by-layer processes. Finally, the operator carries out re-inspection and perfection work, carries out secondary inspection on the specifications and dimensions of graphite plates, and carries out manual polishing on the places where burrs appear on the products. Keep improving and make the products become the reputation of Zhongzhou Carbon Walking.