Paying Attention to Fire Safety and Building Safe Carbon

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General manager office

Focus on fire safety Construction of safe carbon

-- Zhongzhou Carbon Company to carry out fire safety publicity and education activities


In order to further enhance the fire safety awareness of the whole staff, improve the ability to resist and prevent fire, 202On May 10, 2002, Zhongzhou Carbon Safety and Environmental Protection Department launched the theme of "Implementing Fire Responsibility to Prevent Safety Risks"publicity and education activities, and achieved good results. Through various forms of publicity and training activities, it not only creates a strong safety culture atmosphere, but also strengthens the safety awareness and practical level of employees, and makes positive contributions to creating safe carbon and promoting the sustainable and stable development of the enterprise.

Director Zhao of Safety and Environmental Protection DepartmentSiteExplain the relevant knowledge

Director Zhao explained in simple terms from several aspects, such as understanding the basic knowledge of combustion, general knowledge of fire prevention, and the key contents of fire inspection, which enhanced the understanding of the majority of cadres and employees on the importance of fire safety in enterprises. Director Zhao's explanation was easy to understand and was unanimously praised by the participants at the scene.

In order to create a strong safety culture atmosphere, all units in the factory area of China Carbon Company use pre-shift and post-shift meetings, special meetings, publicity boards, banners, and electronic screens to carry out safety publicity activities with rich content and novel forms.

The person in charge of each workshop actively listened to the training content

Through the training, the person in charge of each workshop is familiar with the company and department's fire emergency plan, evacuation and escape methods, routes, emergency evacuation procedures and measures. At the same time,Be familiar with the disposal procedures of fire fighting, take appropriate measures and master the principles and essentials of fire fighting.;Grasp the basic requirements and methods of fire control, and achieve the effect of disposal and use.

Participants carefully record relevant knowledge

Through the development of a series of activities, it has not only enhanced the ideological understanding of the importance of fire safety among cadres and employees, but also further improved the fire safety knowledge and emergency drill level of cadres and employees, and created a strong safety culture atmosphere. it has played a positive role in promoting the safe development of enterprises and building a harmonious carbon.