Adjusting development, turning losses and increasing profits, working together to write a new chapter

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General manager office

 2022Year2Month7Day, the company held a grand2021The annual summary and commendation meeting, representatives of various units, advanced workers, excellent managers, model workers, etc. attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the company's executive vice president Huang Sixin.

  2021In the face of many sharp fluctuations in upstream raw material prices and fierce competition in the market, the downstream steel enterprises to limit production policy superimposed multiple pressures, Zhongzhou Carbon all employees work together to overcome the impact of repeated epidemics, extreme weather and other adverse factors, while doing a good job in production, while solidly promoting project construction. With the commissioning of the three workshops of Boai, the whole industrial chain of graphite electrodes has been opened up. Since then, Zhongzhou Carbon has also entered one of the few electrode manufacturers in the whole industrial chain in China, which is also2022The production transformation of the year has laid a solid foundation. Over the past year, all employees of the company have implementedSafety first, quality-oriented, benefit-oriented.The concept, actively grasp the market opportunities, grasp the safety and environment, ensure quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and achieve a turnaround and increase profits.

At the meeting, chairman Han Jianhua made an important speech. He pointed out that the past year had not achieved much, but it had not been easy to come.; facePost-epidemicTimes and industry development, to have a new development direction, new requirements:

First, quickly change the concept and adjust the direction of development. In the new year, we will continue to compress the output of electrodes, selectively produce and sell graphite electrodes, and at the same time, transform into a supporting enterprise of anode materials. There are three reasons for the transformation: first, the direction is also the carbon industry, raw materials and processes are the same as or close to the production of electrodes.Second, the production capacity of negative electrode materials is growing rapidly, and the demand for supporting facilities and products is huge.;Third, there are almost no after-sales problems.

Second, give full play to the production capacity of existing projects. To seize the market opportunity, the existing graphite furnace transformation, processing negative materials; All processes are produced at full capacity, reflecting economies of scale.

Third, do a good job of compliance construction and lay a good foundation for capital operation. Compliance construction is the basic condition of capital operation, improve the management system, do a good job of compliance construction, improve enterprise efficiency, choose the opportunity to restart capital operation.

Fourth, pay attention to management details and improve management level. From cost savings, civilized production, to compliance, safety and environmental protection. Every person, every department,Every workshop has to make a real contribution.

At the meeting, Feng Jun, secretary of the general party branch of the company, delivered a speech demanding high standards and strict treatment of the work. The new year, from the following nine aspects to carry out the work: establish innovative development concept; Improve and standardize the company's management system;do a good job in party building, trade unions and propaganda work;Strengthen training and improve quality;Strengthen the construction of executive power;Strengthen honest practice, stand in good position and use good power, and be loyal to the company.;Implementation10SManagement, promote the beautification and lighting project, build a beautiful carbon;Optimize the level of material management and promote the company to reduce costs and increase efficiency.;Care for employees' life, work, study and growth.

Huang Sixin, executive vice president of the company, made2021 Work Report, summarizing2021The achievements of the year, from the new project construction, the old workshop technical transformation, cost control, product transformation, improve product quality, grasp the safety and environmental work of these six aspects.2021Review of the year's work highlights. The objectives and tasks for the new year have been clarified: first, business objectives and production and marketing planning, I .e., revenue reaching12Billion, net profit of not less2500million;The second is to adjust the direction of products and increase the profitability of enterprises.;Three is how to play the equipment capacity;Four is the implementation of the main responsibility of environmental management.

Huang Sixin, executive vice president of the company, read out "On Commendation" at the meeting.In 2021, Han Jianhua, chairman of the company, Feng Jun, Secretary of the general Party branch, and Huang Sixin, executive vice president, presented awards to representatives of model workers, outstanding managers and advanced workers respectively.

At the meeting, chief engineer He Yongkang, chief financial officer Wang Erni, secretary of the board of directors, vice president of purchasing Qiao Bo, and vice president of sales Xu Bei made debriefing reports on their respective work, and various advanced representatives made speeches.