Strengthen the exchange of production technology to improve product quality and efficiency

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Han Pan

On the afternoon of August 10, 2019, the company invited Professor Wu Jianyun of Hunan University to visit our company for training and exchange of production technology.

At the training exchange meeting, Professor Wu explained some new technologies and new ideas systematically and in detail from the various processes of electrode production. In the exchange and interaction link, the company's middle-level employees actively put forward various problems encountered in the production process and consulted Professor Wu, such as whether iron powder needs to be added for the processing of new-type large-size electrodes and whether carbon brazing materials need to be added for joint materials. Professor Wu patiently and carefully answered and suggested the questions raised on the spot one by one to answer the questioners.

This technical training and exchange meeting has achieved good results on the whole. The company has learned a lot of new experience in electrode production technology, which provides many new methods for the improvement of product quality and the guarantee of quality in the future. Zhonggan employees also benefited a lot from this training and exchange meeting. At the same time, it also makes us realize that the company should dare to break through and innovate in the future production technology, and constantly explore and improve its own technical level in practice.