Fire safety greater than the day fire training heavy drill

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Han Pan

As the saying goes, "fire and water are merciless". When a fire comes, it is particularly important to have a team to deal with sudden fire accidents. On July 26, 2019, Zhongzhou carbon general manager office organized department staff to carry out "summer fire training drill" near the production workshop of the factory area.

At the event site, Zhao Yiwen, deputy director of the company's general manager's office in charge of fire safety work, carefully explained the structure and use of fire hydrants, fire belts and other equipment for the employees participating in the training exercise, and personally demonstrated the installation and combination of fire fighting equipment. After the explanation, the employees who participated in the training exercise carried out the practical operation exercise of fire fighting equipment in a group of three, and achieved good training results.


Through this fire fighting training exercise, the staff's awareness of safety and fire fighting and practical operation skills have been improved to a great extent, adding strength to the company's strong atmosphere of actively attaching importance to fire fighting and full participation in fire fighting.