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Beijing and China Aerospace established the Graphene Technology Research Institute with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan

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  As a new subversive material, graphene is currently in a critical period from laboratory to industrialization,  and it is in the stage of running with foreign technology. It has the conditions to become a breakthrough for China's new material industry and even the manufacturing industry to achieve cornering overtaking. Recently, the awarding ceremony of Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center was held in Beijing. The goal is to build a scale of 100 billion yuan in the country.

  At present,  the comprehensive strength of Beijing graphene research is second to none in the country. The number of institutes and researchers account for more than half of the country. There are more than 20 leaders and R&D teams including academicians, and the number of patent applications per unit of GDP output ranks first in the country.  First, some areas have achieved international leadership.

  In order to occupy the commanding heights of global industrial innovation, Beijing and China Aerospace have jointly established the Beijing Graphene Technology Research Institute based on a series of international leading achievements in the preparation and application of graphene in the past 10 years. Ltd., registered capital of 1 billion yuan.

  Based on this,  the Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center aims to break through the common technology of graphene application materials in 2020, to upgrade existing materials, and to obtain more than 7 international leading graphene killer applications.  At the same time,  it is necessary to realize the low-cost preparation and application of 100 tons of graphene, forming a core of 100 billion yuan.  By aiming at the international frontier and mastering the graphene subversive technology, we will also promote 10 “Chinese inventions, the world's first”graphene frontier technology, form 100 international patents and international standards, and have a team of 100 people with international vision. It has made Beijing a key hub for the global graphene innovation network, a collaborative center for the innovation and development of the graphene industry in the country, a demonstration area for the integration of graphene and civilians, and the main force of the national graphene high-end industry.

  At present, Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center has obtained a number of scientific research achievements in military advanced equipment, semiconductor, power transmission and battery.