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"Father of graphene": new materials graphene application has broad prospects

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  "The father of graphene" Konstantin Novoselow,  a professor at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom and a Nobel laureate in physics, said in Guilin, Guangxi , that the new material graphene has broad application prospects in wearable devices.  New energy vehicles,  rubber,  and large health industries have broad application prospects.

  The four-day international conference on the latest development of 2018 graphene research was closed in Guilin,  Guangxi on October 25th. More than 300 famous scientists ,  experts and scholars in the field of graphene at home and abroad gathered in Guilin , Guangxi to discuss the latest developments and development direction of graphene research. .


  Professor Konstantin Novoselov made a conference report entitled "Planar Structure of Graphene Materials",  with detailed data on the superior performance of 2D crystals. Professor Konstantin Novoselov is an expert in condensed matter physics, mesoscopic physics and nanotechnology. In 2010, he won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his achievements in graphene research.  He proposed that there are still many 2D materials in the world, waiting for us to study and discover. Through these studies, we can further expand the range of available 2D materials.

  Konstantin Novoselov said in an interview that graphene materials are widely distributed all over the world,  and graphene has a very broad application prospect in the future. There are already some graphene products related to people's lives that are starting to be sold in the market ,  which is very good momentum.

  Graphene is known as the "king of new materials."  China is a large graphene resource country and one of the most active countries for graphene research and application development.  The subject of the report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,  Cheng Huiming,  during the conference was “The Preparation of Graphene and Other Two-Dimensional Materials by Exfoliation Method”,  which mainly introduced the intercalation expansion liquid phase stripping and electrochemical stripping process.  High-quality graphene materials prepared from natural graphite have been widely used in composite materials, energy storage, and conductive inks.

  Cheng Huiming is mainly engaged in the research of carbon nanotubes, graphene, other two-dimensional materials, energy conversion and storage materials, and obtained more than 100 invention patents. He said that the most important thing is to make high-quality preparation of graphene,  and to find a breakthrough in the application of graphene,  so in recent years, many breakthroughs have been made in this respect. Currently, graphene is also commercially available, including anti-corrosion coatings , additives in ion batteries,  and the like.  Recently, a new type of mobile phone just launched by a Chinese company has used a graphene heat-dissipating film, which will evenly distribute heat and dissipate heat, improving the performance of the mobile phone.


  Cheng Huiming believes that Guangxi should combine its own industrial characteristics, especially like the industrial city of Liuzhou, combined with its pillar industries, to develop and apply graphene, including the application of lubricating oil in automobiles and construction machinery.  The graphene industry will be in Guangxi. There is a very good development.

  During the meeting, the participating experts conducted many academic discussions on cutting-edge research, testing and standard setting, and application in lighting, rubber tires, metal-based composite cement-based concrete, lubricating oil, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, and coatings.

  Graphene, known as "black gold",  is the newest nanomaterial found in the thinnest, strongest, and most conductive and thermally conductive properties, and one of the most promising advanced materials in the future. In recent years, Chinese officials have supported the development of the graphene industry by introducing a series of policies and related standards.   According to the industrial development roadmap, by 2020, the goal of China's graphene industry is to form an industrial scale of 10 billion yuan. In 2025, the overall industrial scale will exceed 100 billion yuan.