Production never closes striving never stops

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Li Xinxin

During the May Day holiday, all units of China Coal Corporation put in full effort to focus on production. The continuously running production lines and busy workers all conveyed the spirit of hard work in production. The majority of cadres and employees changed the "holiday" to "schedule" and filled the production "progress bar".

The stable operation of the calcination furnace is guaranteed by the boiler, which needs to be cleaned. During the May Day holiday, the boiler staff braved high temperatures to clean the boiler dust. When the employees finished cleaning, they were often covered in sweat and dust, and their work clothes were tightly attached to their bodies. The employees stated that as long as the cleaning work can be completed one day in advance and the workshop can start production as soon as possible without affecting the output, no matter how hard or tiring it is, it is worth  

Liu Ming, the full-time team leader of the molding workshop, said, "During the May Day holiday, in order to complete the production target tasks assigned by the company, almost all employees in our workshop were on duty. While ensuring safety, we also made preparations for emergency flood prevention in production and completed the production target tasks in accordance with the requirements of the production targets.". During the May Day holiday, all employees in the molding workshop stayed on site, closely monitoring various processes and equipment to ensure safe production while increasing production and quality.

For the graphitization workshop, safety and environmental protection should be at the forefront of production. Workshop director Zhao Taotao said, "Our workshop will renovate the flue, add gate plates, lay rock wool, remove the furnace cover and sprinkle water. We will try our best to improve the workshop environment, and we dare not take it lightly during holidays.".

Screening is a very important step in the post-treatment process of the negative electrode workshop. While screening out large particles, it is also the last checkpoint for foreign object control. Therefore, in the post-treatment process, inspection and maintenance of the screen mesh become of utmost importance. Even during holidays and shutdowns, we adhere to meticulous and meticulous cleaning of the screening screen, and all staff ensure product quality with a serious and meticulous attitude.

The machining workshop is making every effort to deliver the orders that need to be delivered every day. With the efficient cooperation of everyone, the products produced on the same day can be completed and accepted on the same day. Workshop director Liu Binbin gave up the opportunity to accompany his family and fought with his colleagues on the production line. Director Liu said, "If we want to complete the orders and deliver them to customers as soon as possible, as a workshop director, we should take the lead in doing our job well, so as to motivate workshop employees and reflect the value of our workshop.".

The mechanical and electrical workshop stated that "on this May Day Labor Day, we have a deeper understanding of the value of labor." During the May Day holiday, they also held their posts and carried out the installation of sewage pipes with full enthusiasm. This pipeline installation project not only responded to the overall plan of the group company's sewage treatment and environmental protection requirements, but also met our company's production and external drainage needs.

Labor writes the chapter of the times, striving to create a better future. Loving one's job and striving for excellence is the most simple and practical spirit of struggle. The workers in each workshop and department of China Carbon Corporation adhere to their positions, work hard, innovate and create, and weave a beautiful blueprint for China Carbon's development with every action.