Salute to the workers who are striving forward at the right time

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Zhong Tan New Materials Technology Co., Ltd


Li Xinxin

Salute to the workers and strive forward at the right time. During the May Day Labor Day, the cadres and employees of China Coal Company still choose to stick to their posts and fight on the front line, with unwavering enthusiasm and unchanged pace, strictly adhering to the safety red line and preventing risks and hidden dangers. They harvest the joy of labor with a sense of responsibility and mission in their positions, and demonstrate the charm of the workers with perseverance and practical work.

During the May Day holiday, the chairman of the company, Han Jianhua, remained steadfast in monitoring the progress of the Zhongzhou Lufeng project. During the holiday, when installing and debugging equipment such as unloading machines and crushers, he pointed out that "we need to strengthen safety production work during the holiday period, timely eliminate various safety hazards, and make every effort to ensure the implementation of all work, ensuring that project quality and progress are both accurate, and promoting the smooth operation of the project.".

In order to effectively carry out various management work such as production and operation during the May Day holiday, the company secretary and general manager Feng Jun and deputy general manager Zheng Xinglong led a team to conduct comprehensive inspections in areas such as safety, environmental protection, production, project construction, material management, lean management, and civilized production management. Secretary Feng emphasized during the inspection that "during holidays, we hope that all cadres and employees can still maintain their enthusiasm for work, prioritize safety, quality, and schedule. Everyone must improve their safety awareness in the production process, do a good job in environmental control, and have a safe holiday.".

During the holiday period, the central control room of Zhongzhou Lufeng is still bustling with heat. To avoid cracking inside the furnace, employees of the calcination furnace team are on site 24 hours a day to monitor the temperature inside the furnace. They inspect the expansion degree of the calciner with a rigorous and careful attitude, flexibly control the temperature curve inside the furnace, and ensure that the calciner is intact and undamaged during the May Day period, creating their own value for smooth discharge.

Put responsibility in your heart and turn struggle into action. In order to ensure the normal production of the workshop and improve the qualification rate of products, personnel were selected from various teams in the roasting workshop to overhaul the walls of the 23 rows of furnace 1 # and the 2 # flue furnace. The baking workshop in the roasting furnace was filled with hot air, and the sweat of the workers soaked the fixtures. In such a harsh environment, everyone completed the work meticulously with the passion and fervent belief of burning. Ma Mingyuan, the deputy director of the roasting workshop, said, "No matter how tired you are, you must do your job well and maintain your enthusiasm. No matter how hard you work, you must repair the furnace according to requirements to ensure production efficiency and product quality.".

 I hope that the cadres and employees of Zhongtan Company will vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor, and craftsmanship, love their jobs, be dedicated, innovate and create, and achieve their dreams through hard work, honest work, and creative labor.