Cohesion, Strength, Stability, Production, Quality, and Anchoring Goals-Summary of China Carbon New Materials in the First Half of 2023 and Work Arrangement Conference in the Second Half of 2023

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Xinxin Li


On the afternoon of August 1, China Carbon New Materials CompanySummary of the First Half of 2023 and Work Arrangements for the Second Half of 2023Held ceremoniously in the report hall of Longbai School of Management,China Carbon New Materials and Yunnan Lufeng have set up branch venues. The company's deputy general manager and above leaders attended the meeting, and the main leaders and employee representatives of each unit, etc.More than 170 people participated.

This conference comprehensively combed and summarized the company.The completion of various tasks and existing problems in the first half of 2023, clear arrangements for the goals and tasks in the second half of 2023, and mobilize the majority of cadres and employees to work together,Strive to successfully complete this year's planning objectives,Help Groupanother success in the second half of the "14th five-year plan". The meeting was presided over by the company secretary and general manager Feng Jun.

At the meeting, the company's vice president in charge and project leaders Liu Zhipu, He Yongkang, Zheng Xinglong, Huang Sixin,A detailed summary report was made on the construction of the Yunnan project, negative electrode products, graphite products and marketing work, and a clear arrangement and deployment of the work in the second half of the year..


Company Secretary, General Manager Feng Jun on behalf of the company's management.Looking back and looking forward to the 14th Five-Year Plan, the work report for the first half of 2023 and the work arrangements for the second half of the year.

Feng always pointed outThe performance targets for the first half of the "14th Five-Year Plan" have been completed. The half has passed and resistance has appeared. The second half still needs steady planning, down-to-earth and forging ahead. The following seven requirements are put forward: First, maintain confidence, study the market carefully, and seek progress while maintaining stability,Assurance CompanyAchieving the overall objectives of the 14th Five-Year PlanThe second is to strengthen the foundation and consolidate the strength of practical work,Promote the realization of the company's strategic objectives and lay the foundation for the long-term development of the group.Third, be prepared to persist in living a tight life,Continuously enhance the awareness of hardship and economyThe fourth is to establish correct values; the fifth is to improve execution and make every effort to implement; the sixth is to strengthen the construction of a clean government and promote righteousness; the seventh is to learn for life and live happily.

Finally, the company's chairman Han Jianhua made an important speech, proposed.Fourteen five more than half, with the implementation of the planning objectives, to achieve the sulfur coke, graphite products, negative products between the cycle, enhance the product's margin of safety.It is pointed out that there are two bright spots in the work in the first half of the year: first, it has achieved no loss as a whole; second, the capital operation has been successful, and Zhongzhou carbon has been formally incorporated into the group company.

In the face of the current severe market situation, the chairman puts forward the following requirements for the overall planning and development in the second half of the year: first, to practice hard, reduce costs and improve quality, grasp technological innovation, enhance product competitiveness and extend the vitality of the enterprise; second, to have the courage to open up the market; third, to find a starting point for different products; fourth, to build a high-quality cadre team to improve management level and thinking; fifth, to protect profits, to inventory, catch production, to protect wages.

In a certain period of time in the future, the company's cadres and employees will upholdThe purpose of "responsibility creates beauty, integrity creates the future", earnestly understands the management's strategic deployment for the second half of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the second half of 2023, and earnestly implements the guidance of the chairman and general manager on the company's future development and this The important spirit of the series of meetings,I hope that every cadre and employee can overcome difficulties with more full passion and persistent spirit, contribute their own strength to the future development of the company, and jointly create a titanium beauty life that belongs to each of us.