Jiaozuo Emergency Management Bureau visited the company to carry out pre-holiday safety inspection.

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Xinxin Li


On the occasion of the Spring Festival, in order to effectively prevent safety accidents, on the afternoon of January 18, Han Shoushan, deputy director of Jiaozuo Emergency Management Bureau, led a team to the company to inspect and guide the safety production work during the festival. Han Li, deputy director of Boai County Emergency Management Bureau, and other major leaders accompanied the inspection.
Director Han and his entourage successively came to the company's first baking workshop and second baking workshop to carry out on-site supervision and inspection, listened carefully to the company's introduction on safety production management during the Spring Festival, inquired in detail about the implementation of preventive measures in key parts of the company, and inspected the specific situation of double pre-control risk identification and warning signs on site. He stressed that all production units should conscientiously implement the main responsibility of production safety, thoroughly investigate and resolve hidden risks, strengthen safety education and 24-hour emergency duty during the Spring Festival, take higher positions and more practical measures, pay close attention to all kinds of work of production safety during the Spring Festival, strengthen safety measures, and firmly establish a line of defense for production safety.
Zheng Xinglong, deputy general manager of the company, said that this inspection is also a "physical examination" for our company before the Spring Festival, so that we can find problems in time and quickly investigate and solve them before the festival. The company willfurther strengthen the security line,Effectively implement safety work,Effectively prevent and resolve all kinds of security risks,To ensure the safe and smooth operation of all production work during the holiday season,Let everyone spend a safe, stable and harmonious Spring Festival.