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Adjust development, turn deficits and increase profits, and make concerted efforts to create a new chapter

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On February 7,2022, the company held a grand 2021 annual summary and commendation conference, where representatives of all units, advanced workers, outstanding managers and model workers attended the meeting.The meeting was presided over by Huang Shixin, executive vice president of the company.

In 2021, in the face of multiple severe fluctuations in upstream raw material prices, fierce market competition and the production restriction policies of downstream steel enterprises, all employees of Zhongzhou Carbon worked together to overcome the influence of adverse factors such as repeated epidemics and extreme weather, and do a good job in production while promoting the project construction.With the production of the three workshops of Boai, the whole industry chain of graphite electrode has been opened. Zhongzhou carbon has since entered one of the few electrode manufacturers of the whole industry chain in China, which has laid a solid foundation for the production transformation in 2022.Over the past year, all the staff of the company have implemented the concept of "safety environment first, quality first, benefit first", actively grasped the market opportunities, grasped the safety environment, quality protection, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and realized the loss and profit increase.

At the meeting, Chairman Han Jianhua made an important speech.He pointed out that the past year was modest, but not hard-won; facing the post-epidemic era and the industry, new development directions and new requirements:

First, quickly change ideas, adjust the direction of development.In the New Year, to continue to compress the electrode output, selective production and sales of graphite electrodes, at the same time, to the negative material supporting enterprises transformation.There are three reasons for the transformation: first, the direction is the carbon industry, raw materials and processes and the electrode production; second, the rapid growth of cathode materials, huge demand for supporting facilities and products; third, there are almost no after-sales problems.

Second, give full play to the production capacity of existing projects.Seize the market opportunity, transform the existing graphitic furnace and process cathode materials; all processes produce at full capacity, reflect the scale benefit.

Third, we should focus on compliance construction and lay a good foundation for capital operation.Compliance construction is the basic condition of capital operation. Improve the management system, do a good job in compliance construction, improve enterprise efficiency, and restart capital operation at an appropriate time.

Fourth, pay attention to the management details and improve the management level.From cost saving, civilized production, to zunzhangshouji, safety and environmental protection.Every person, every department and every workshop should make practical contributions.

At the meeting, Feng Jun, secretary of the general party branch of the company, made a speech, demanding high standards and strict treatment of the work.In the New Year, work from the following nine aspects: establish innovative development concept; improve and standardize the company management system, strengthen party building, union and publicity, strengthen training, improve quality, strengthen execution construction; strengthen clean practice, stand well, loyalty to the company; implement 10S management, promote beautification, build beautiful carbon; optimize material management level, promote cost reduction and efficiency; care for staff life, work, learning and growth.

Huang Sixin, executive vice president of the company, made the annual work report in 2021, summarized the achievements of 2021, and made comments on the work highlights of 2021 from six aspects: new project construction, old workshop technical reform, cost control, product transformation, and product quality improvement, and grasping the work of safety and environmental protection.The objectives and tasks of the New Year are defined: first, the business objectives and production and sales planning, namely, the revenue of 1.2 billion, the net profit is not less than 25 million; second, adjust the product direction to increase the profitability of the enterprise; third, how to exert the equipment capacity; fourth, implement the main responsibility of safety and ring management.

Huang Sixin, executive vice president of the company, read out the Decision on Commendation of various Advanced People in 2021 at the meeting. Han Jianhua, chairman of the company, Feng Jun, secretary of the General Party Branch, and Huang Sixin, executive vice president of the company, presented awards to model workers, outstanding managers and advanced workers respectively.

At the meeting, He Yongkang, chief engineer of the company, Wang Erni, chief financial officer, secretary of the board of directors and vice president of procurement Qiao Bo, vice president of sales Xu Bei made a report on their respective work, and various advanced representatives made speeches.