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  In the digital age, the old rules of marketing and branding are in urgent need of reform. Word of mouth has evolved into a form of information that allows consumers to instantly become known to a huge Internet audience, whether it is recommending or ridiculing a product or service. Any mistakes in brand information can be catastrophic, because the company can no longer afford to convert information into commercial, print or news reports. The final cost is not only the brand cost but also the support of users. The damage is the image of the brand. Integrity. In this book, Alan Adamson explores how to use the strategies mentioned in Brand Simple and Brand Digital to maintain brand leadership in today's marketplace. Adamson briefly described the specific challenges faced by the largest brands now, including large companies such as Apple and General Mills, as well as celebrity brands such as Lady Gaga and Jay Z. The authors reveal the guiding principles for ensuring that brand information remains focused and clear and continues to drive brands to the market.