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Corporate Culture
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Responsibility to create a better, good faith cast the future.

The spirit of

Pragmatic: based on facts, to tell the truth, do practical work, heavy effect.

Team: self-abnegation, cooperation, collective supremacy.

Struggle: hard struggle, indomitable, dare to win.

Innovation: diligent and inquisitive, pursuing perfection and tireless.

Dedication: willing to give, willing to help others, willing to suffer losses.


Seek truth from facts and get to the bottom;

Act quickly and take responsibility;

Rigorous and orderly, respect for science;

Honest communication and mutual support.

Concept of social responsibility

To continuously improve the quality of products and services and creativity with competitive investment, and fulfill the responsibility to customers and the industry;

Fulfill the responsibility of promoting decent employment of employees through systematic occupational security mechanism, salary and welfare mechanism and participation mechanism;

To effectively invest, actively use environmentally sound or environmentally beneficial resources, technologies and equipment to fulfill the responsibility of ecological and environmental protection;

To continuously improve the reduction and recycling standards and fulfill the responsibility of resource conservation through the all-hands saving mechanism;

Implement anti-corruption responsibilities with comprehensive ban on business conduct, compliance management mechanism and multi-dimensional supervision;

To strictly standardize the procurement process, adhere to the responsibility of procurement, fulfill the responsibility of promoting corporate social responsibility.