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Development History
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  1964: jiaozuo zhongzhou carbon co., LTD., formerly known as jiaozuo leather & rubber association, was founded in 1964. It mainly produces leather and leather products and is under the jurisdiction of jiaozuo handicraft association.

  1969: the company was renamed "jiaozuo hongqi leather glue factory".

  1970: in 1970, the company began to trial manufacture of recycled electrodes, and the product development began to transform to carbon.

  1972: the company was renamed "jiaozuo electric carbon factory" in 1972.

  1975: it was managed by jiaozuo chemical industry bureau in 1975.

  1979: the trial production of graphite electrode began in 1979.

  1980: the trial production was successful in 1980, and the production was gradually expanded after several technical changes.

  1981: the company was renamed "jiaozuo zhongzhou joint venture electric carbon plant".

  1986: the enterprise was changed into "jiaozuo zhongzhou carbon plant" in 1986.

  2000: merged by jiaozuo chemical general factory in 2000 through the unified coordination of the municipal government;

  2001: in 2001, after the discussion and determination of the general assembly of the staff and workers of the factory and the independent application of the enterprise and the approval of jiaozuo chemical industry bureau, the reform was carried out and the name was changed to "jiaozuo zhongzhou carbon co., LTD.".

  2002: the factory was moved to the west of jiaozuo zhongzhan chemical general factory from no. 28 jianshe road.

  In April 2013, imported 3000 tons vertical and horizontal pressing electrode molding machine from yili company of the United States.

  Installation of the device is completed by the end of 2016.

  2017: trial production was successful in April 2017.

  2018: by the end of 2018, the whole device will achieve production and efficiency.